Friday, June 1, 2007

Last Day

Today is officially the last day of regular classes. It's my last time in English, the last blog entry I am required to write, and the last time I will write one of these. I hope that I can continue to keep this up but no promises.

Volunteering is my life, as I have made this clear throughout the entire blog. It will continue to be a big part of my life until I die, probably. It feels like the last day of school in high school, the last opportunity to talk amongst classmates, and hang out with each other as a class.

Hmm, I wonder if this will be a challenge for everyone to read my blog and eventually start to volunteer. I hope that every entry that I have posted that people take something from me and apply it to your everyday life.

Top 3 things I like to take from this class:
1- Organization
2- Grammar Understanding
3- and the friends I have made within this class.

In the near future coming up, I have several things to be a volunteer for. Such events include, Gus Macker--a 3-on-3 basketball tournament, Little Big Show--for Big Brothers Big Sisters--, and also Active For Life--a program dedicated to helping your diet and being healthy, also the points recevied for this will go towards raising money for those who don't have enough money to afford healthier food.

Quote of the Quarter:
"As many comments that I have received, and as many comments I have left, I hope that someone, somewhere takes full advantage of my experiences and just goes with it. I hope that someone learns from my issues, and my findings and has a blast with it. I've always enjoyed this class and I hope that I have another one just like it."


adesulu said...

My bad i put this on your last post too.

Who said volunteering was easy. I think you did a good job of telling it how it is. Real recognize real and I can tell that you put a lot of work into your volunteering by what you do in your writing. There was great detail in your post. The one I like the most is the reasons that you gave for volunteering. When I think about volunteering all I think about is work. When I know that there isn’t any money involved I will leave it alone. You have shown me that it isn’t all about that. Anything that can change opinions and make you a better person I’m all for. The only thing that I wasn’t feeling was the colors. I don’t have anything against it is just that I had to point something out. Well good job and good luck in whatever you do. Stay strong.

Derek John Boczkowski said...

Neat little hodgepodge, Jessica. It's been a blast having you in class as well.

4+/5 (no link!)