Monday, May 14, 2007

Top Three Reasons YOU should Volunteer...

1-Shapes YOU as a person.
Helps you realize that giving a little of your time and help someone else goes a long way.

2-Helping Others Changes THEIR lives.
Others may not say they appreciate your help, but they do. Lending them a hand when you really don't need to makes them realize that not everyone is selfish and does want to help.

3-Progress Begins.
After you lend a hand, you can see the progress start to unfold. Many more organizations have started up to help people around the world. Organizations such as Group Workcamp, Habitat for Humanity, and others help those less fortunate around the world receive new houses, fixed up houses, and sometimes new belongings needed for the house.

I believe everyone should take into consideration what I wrote above. It's only because I've been through it, that I know the experiences and the accomplishments that could happen.

Until next time...:)


Johnny Haiku said...

Volunteering, huh? So you are trying to get me to give my time to help out others? That is just absurd. Why would I want to waste my time helping others? I need help myself. You should get over here to help me out. Like today, for example, my shoe was untied and I almost tripped and fell--come tie my shoe lace for me!!

Besides, I have so many other good things to do with my time such as skip rocks, litter, spray paint buildings, and throw baseballs at windows. Those are the actions that are really going to make a difference in the world.

Habitat for humanity? I am not going to be alive long enough to see the differences so who cares.

Now that I think about it, I may have done some volunteer work sometime, although I believe it was more service work. I didn't want to do it; but the judge told me it would be a pretty good idea (found me with one of those damn baseballs!)

Okay--now so what? Maybe I do not have the right outlook on volunteering. In fact, maybe this whole things is a complete lie; and I do volunteer work all of the time! I will let you decide for yourself : )

And now a poem: (a Haiku)

"Volunteer Work"

it's air pollution
brainwashing all the young minds--
stop breathing right now

jessica myers said...

Oh Mister Johnny Haiku, I think your absolutely hilarious!:) ...even though I know it's you writing me a silly little haiku...If you would've asked me to tie your shoe lace, I wouldn't have hesitated. Im just that nice, don't you realize that!:)

Yes, I can see where skipping rocks, litter, spray paint buildings, and throw baseballs at windows can be much more appealing that volunteering, and sometimes, I get a little annoyed and bored with what I'm doing, but it's helping someone else that counts.

As for habitat for humanity,you will be alive to see it happen, because it already is happening.

Hmm, the judge took it easy on you!! Even thought you didn't want to do it, throwing them damn baseballs will make you think of what you had to do as your punishment, so maybe you won't do it again!! :):)

I honestly can't tell if you volunteer or not, your silly, and I absolutely adore your humor...made me smile from ear to ear. Your a dork, but it's ok:)

By the way, you ever need "help" with your shoe laces, just let me know, I'd be glad to VOLUNTEER and help you "tie" them!:)

And now for a quote (because I suck at poetry):

"Ask yourself what in life you couldn't live without. Now go back and reevaluate what you said, and analyze it to see if it's a want. Now ask yourself one more you know how many children and people go without what you "want" or "need" every day?"

Johnny Haiku said...

"Volunteer Work: Part II"

i helped a young man--
pushed him off roof when he asked
email for details

jessica myers said...

You are crazy Johnny Haiku, but I really like your style. Maybe next time you can write me a Haiku about the details in "volunteer work" you've done!:)

Derek John Boczkowski said...

List is there . . but link?

Oh, Johnny Haiku.

3/5 (no link, late)